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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  March 12, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hello, everybody, it's monday and time for the best videos and storieses of the day "right this minute." pay close attention to the white van in the middle of your screen. >> boy, the road rash that guy must have suffered. >> wait until you see what happens before the van goes splash. it's a story that's gone viral. >> he told me that i would have to get my -- >> they say roxanne lost her feet to a video game. but there's more to that story. this baby elephant is an orphan looking for some love.
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>> look at the trunk. bonding. doing the trunk hug. but days before it looked like there might not be such a happy ending. a tennis star, a balloon and, well -- >> she can hit a tiny tennis ball with a racquet but can't jump on a balloon. >> an all-star prank and what went wrong. we will kick things off today with a police chase in kingsland, georgia. pay close attention to the white van in the middle of your screen. as you can see, it's driving erratically. it's about to make a pretty crazy left-hand turn. pay close attention to the driver's side door. >> did the driver jump out of the car? >> and are they naked? >> he was in his birthday suit. >> what a perfect dismount that was. >> boy, the road rash that guy must have suffered. >> yes, he did get road rash.
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the driver was 21-year-old matthew ibaria. here is matthew's mugshot. >> we got this from news 4 in jacksonville. he was a wanted florida man, wanted for beating up his grandparents and macing his uncle. he took this van into georgia. police knew what vehicle he was driving. they found him parked in a motel parking lot off of i-95. they went to inspect the vehicle and noticed that ibaria was asleep naked in the van. so they pounded on the window and said, hey, roll done the window. instead, he put the keys in the car and fled. >> who is he going to call for bail? >> after he jumped out of the car naked, he runs naked down this rocky path as his van floats away down a river. the car was going 45 miles per hour, by the way, when he took the dive out of the driver's side door. >> is anything else going to happen in this video? >> they do eventually catch up
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with him. he is arrested and charged with a few different felonies. he was treated at a local hospital before he was taken to jail for some of the road rash he got. no word on why he was naked. that saying it gets better really applies to this video. we see it on live week. this young woman is in a metro station in minsk, belarus. the train is oncoming. you see the bystanders wave down the train. bystanders were also yelling at her get down in between the trackers. a nearby metro worker also saw this happen and cut the power. the train stopped feet from where she was on the tracks. a representative says this was a suicide attempt. it's weird that it was a suicide
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attempt and then she started listening to the people on the platform. she had second thoughts immediately after jumping down on the train tracks. >> i'm glad that train was able to stop. who knows how fast it was going before they alerted it. >> i got to think if i'm on that platform, too, i would have done the same thing. nobody wants to see that. everybody worked quickly to save this woman's life, even though she was willing to throw it away. guys, there's a story being passed around the internet about a girl named roxanne meyers who we are seeing in this video. roxanne had to have her feet partially amputated because of video games. in this interview, roxanne says that she was working on her senior thesis project about video game addiction. part of that thesis she had
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planned to have weekend-long gaming session where she would play video games all weekend long. >> things got bad about two and a half days in, i ended up falling asleep sitting cross-legged at my desk. >> she suffers from a pre-existing condition where she is vulnerable to blood clots. she woke up with a number of blood clots, namely on her feet. was taken to the doctors -- >> they came to the room and he told me that i would have to get my feet amputated. >> this story has been picked up by major news outlets online. here's the thing, guys, roxanne meyers is made up. this whole story is a parody. >> what? this isn't real? >> not real. >> news organizations that picked it up went with it as being true? >> yes. did was created by somebody named evan butler on the youtubechannel the girl in this video did have her feet partially amputated
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because of another medical condition, but the story is not true. to find out why this parody was made, we have evan butler, the creator on the video online with us now. when you made this video, did you do it with the intention to fake out news entities? >> it's a parody, an absurd commentary about how absurd i think the sensational media is nowadays. >> were you lying to the media when they asked questions? >> you guys are the first to make any effort to contact me. i would 100% admit that was a parody if anyone asked me. it's gotten completely out of hand. >> all right. roxanne, you can tell us your story? >> it looks like a high school video project. did you do that on purpose? >> yeah. i did try to make it as cheesy as possible. for some reason nobody seems to notice that. they keep reporting the news.
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♪ the resalng to take you throughe whole range of emotions. this video was captured by the david shelter wildlife trust and this elephant calf was orphaned. she was injured, so the trust went out into the wild to pick her up. her name is mirara. she had injuries to her feet because they think she stepped on elephant spikes, which are used by poachers, so they were able to load her into the truck and then they took her to an airplane where she was flown to nairobi. >> oh, this breaks my heart. >> the following morning, after they get her to a rescue center, she collapses because she is so weak. she has an infection. but they really work on her to make her better. they're checking out her feet. what they do is they give her antibiotics and they also put clay on her feet to seal up the holes so they don't get further infected. the spikes she stepped on were
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poisoned. so that could have led to the infection as well. >> and her weakness, too. probably went through her whole body. >> after being there for three weeks, nursing her wounds, giving her antibiotics, here she is just three weeks later. >> look at that. >> she is spending time with the other elephants. as you can see here, she is bonding with the other elephants because, again, she was orphaned. look at the trunks. they're all bonding. doing the trunk hug. >> they are trunk hugging. she has her trunk completely wrapped around the other elephant's trunk. how cute is that? >> she is bonding with the other elephants even though she was orphaned. the happy ending for an orphan. little orphan mirara. >> this is cool. a dirt biker showing off some mad skills, but -- >> i feel like something bad is about to hatch. >> well, turns out i was right. stick around to see when this ride goes wrong. and look at this kid.
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driving a forklift? >> don't you need a license for that? >> not when you drive it
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at rememb >> we love good pranks on this show. this one might have been a good prank but i don't think it turned out too well for these two. the woman blowing up the balloon you might recognize, she is a professional tennis player. she are at a press conference, if you will, an all-access press conference for the pariba open in indian wells, california, that is going on right now. she is trying to prank maria sharapova. that's the tall, gorgeous woman standing on the left. my guess is she was trying to scare her by jumping on the balloon and popping it.
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she can't do it. >> yeah. >> she can hit a tiny tennis ball with a racket but can't jump on a blown-up balloon. >> there was a light wind factor she was dealing with here. the balloon was kind of shifty. >> what is going on? >> i was trying to shock her. >> my plan was, i thought the balloon would explode and scare her late bit, but my plan kind of got ruined. i stepped on it and nothing happened. >> i should start watching tennis. >> you never knew about maria sharapova. >> i think i've come across her once or twice. >> are you willing to watch tennis because of the great pranks? >> no. nope. . some awesome mountain biking, downhill mountain biking
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this is the geiger trail. at the beginning it looks like he's floating, this is hard-core down until mountain biking, over sn snow, huge boulders. >> i get the feeling something bad is going to come up. >> look at this jump coming up. lands it puts a little twist on the handlebars. >> whoa. >> but he presses his luck a little too much. >> i thought so. something bad was going to happen. >> oh, boy. >> same jump, tried it again. >> oh. >> gets a little out of sap, over the ha shape, over the handlebars he goes. i'm not sure if the helmet came off, or if the camera came off the helmet. >> you did it first time, i'm awesome, keep going. >> tomorro on "right this minute" -- come along on theent. >> extreme. >> that's tomorrow on "right
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this minute". one lunch two leopards, male and female. >> no chivalry in the jungle. >> apparently mr. leopard doesn't know how to treat a laid dich lady. see what happens next. >> and -- >> today is your lucky day. >> we know you have been dying to see a honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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i'm going to give you guys some advice. when applying for a job, don't steal. >> good advice. this is at the shaved ice and espresso bar in modesto, california. notice what he does with the tip jar, which is also dubbed the instant karma jar by the employees. >> what? it's called the instant karma jar, so this guy has some bad karma coming his way. >> it's not like leave a penny, take a penny. he took $5, in fact. they say that employee there, andrew griffin, followed him outside and said hand him the money or go to jail so the guy handed over the money and took off. here is the thing, he was there to fill out an application, they looked up the information, of course it was bogus. >> so he didn't get the job then? >> i don't think so. >> he still needs a job
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someplace else. >> he still needs a job. >> on their facebook page, they say here is a tip when applying, do not try to steal tips when applying, drew will chase you down and he will win. i hope somebody recognizes this guy on the video and they post his name on the facebook page. >> bad karma. if you are lucky enough to score lunch in south africa, you better hold on to it here is a large male leopard run up a tree and scare back a smaller female leopard, pushes her all the way back to the smallest branch of this tree. gives her a couple swats and goes back and steals her lunch. >> geez, what a mean dude. >> so he stole a lunch from a girl? >> he did. >> like a gazelle up in a tree. >> the impala, she killed the impala, started having some food and the male said, i don't think so i'll take it.
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>> he's the guy. he's supposed to be the one out there hunting. >> the laws of nature are different. probably weighs on this male leopard's conscious. at night, i had a good lunch today but i stole it from a girl? >> she's prowling around up in the canopy thinking she might get back in there, but listen -- [ growling ] just some posturing and growling keeps her at bay. >> the last time i heard about a stolen impala was a car. >> and who steals those? >> nobody. on the show we've seen kids doing the laundry, making coffee, apparently they can operate a forklift, too. >> whoa. >> this i is some warehouse yar looking thing. look at the boy. just playing around. nope. he's about to jump on the forklift and move it around. >> i love it he's on the job. >> he even has the whole one-hand steering back with the
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arm up on the seat. >> he has been driving a forklift since he was four years old and apparently he knows how to ride a quad. he's not even fazed. he is so in control of this forklift. >> they have different labor laws, because this kid could be on the job punching the clock right now. >> he's so calm. >> it's like second nature to him. >> not his first time. just working a monday to friday, 9:00 to 5:00. all he needs now is a jug of water. >> that's a pretty good parking job he's done. right in between the truck and that pile off stuff. >> can you imagine what he'll be like when he's 30? >> flying airports. >> you know wha everybody should do ay g >> boom. do it again.
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♪ penguins on the loose in the most unlikely place. >> they're doing it in style. >> the adorable march of the penguins you
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volvo has a reputation for being one of the safest cars on
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the road. they're about to get safer this is the first pedestrian air bag. the car hits the pedestrian, from the rear of the hood pops an air bag that covers about a third of the windshield and the side of the windshield to protect from pedestrian accidents. that's not the only part of this new technology. the car also has radar and cameras built in to the rearview mirror that looks forward down the road to look for objects like pedestrians. if it depictects a pedestrian, can apply the brakes if the driver does not react fast enough. this is only a european option right now. >> it's great. think about it. if you accidentally run a red light or a stop sign and hit somebody this could save that person's life. >> not only could it safe somebody's life, but it could save somebody from a crippling injury if they survive something like that. >> take a nap right on the hood of the car. >> did you ever think it would be important to see a guy
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playing harmonica and cracking whips at the same time? >> i've been looking for that. >> today is your day, because this is mr. adam winrich, he's a whip cracker and harmonica enthusiast. ♪ >> i am impressed. that is some free amazing talent. >> i have to say, he's providing his own percussions to the song. >> yeah. you know about music, tell us what's happening here. >> it's in 4 4 time, he's playing the harmonica and cracking whips. >> yeah. adam holds six guinness records in whip cracking. pretty good musically, too. no word where he is the next one is even better. >> there's more?
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>> let me introduce you to the uni-piper. ♪ >> yes, that is a man ri unicycle riding a kilt and a darth vader mask and playing the bagpipes, both the imperial march and the star wars theme all at once. >> i must say darth vader looks good in a kilt. >> better legs than i thought. >> what would luke skywalker think about this. >> you're not my father. >> yeah, he's definitely saying that after this video. serious multi-tasking. ♪ we know penguins are amazing little creatures, they're capable of aot of things. the one thing we thought they couldn't do was fly, right?
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>> right. >> it turns out they can. >> you're cheating. you're cheating, christian. >> are they flying or are they not flying? >> technically they are flying. >> i like the way they wore their formal attire to fly. people used to do that. >> yeah. we need to return to those days when you didn't wear pajamas and flip-flops on the plane. >> not only did they get on the plane, they're in first class, so they're doing it in style. these penguins are pete and penny, sea world's penguins. they are on a flight from san antonio to atlanta. and their the middle of flight, once they reached cruising altitude, they would allow them to get out of the create and stretch their little legs out. >> that's like the greatest flight ever. can you imagine being on a businessflifgt and a pechg wi
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business flight and there's a pi penguin sitting next to you? this is when they had enough of stretching their legs and they're put back in their create. >> that will do it for "right this minute." we have one more video for you, it's the aurora boriealis over sweden. don't forget, we have more "right this minute" on the way. ♪ [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices,
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